Welcome! We’re a mom-daughter mala-making design team, using our little mala side business to raise money to support special volunteer vacations.  We went on our first volunteer trip in July 2018 to Barlad, Romania with a group from Global Volunteers. We spent most of our volunteer time there working with children at the Elena Beldiman Municipal Hospital. We played with them, sang to them, read to them, and fed them. We loved them, and we learned from them. We also painted/decorated one of the children’s hospital rooms and Madi got to spend a day volunteering with local high school students who were learning/practicing conversational English.

We started making malas in December, 2016. After making lots of malas as gifts for friends, Madi had the great idea to start a little mala- making business. And since we had just started planning our volunteer trip, we realized this business would be a great way to start saving money for our trip! Our trip to Romania was an incredible experience so now we’re keeping our business going and making plans for more trips in the future!

We’ll share our plans for future trips as soon as we’re able to make plans!

If you’d like to learn more about Global Volunteers and the work we did in Romania, click here.